Lesmïr come with their own vision enriching digital art with a new field of activity.

A function providing transformation of reality in the piece of art's surroundings is being connected to the visual and text description themselves.

One of the first functions is called ‚Generator' that, as its name clues, generates a specific function to its surroundings.

E.g. Generator of Finished Missions, Generator of Paradoxes, Generator of Visions

The theoretical basis can be segmented into 3 pillars:

1) Physical – Visual appearance. That means the collective effect of individual color components, shape emitters and the theme of piece of art on human psyche, together with its placement in context with setting of the room where it is placed.

2) Text – Accompanying component including the paintings title, description of its functions and the story of particular piece of art.

3) Immaterial – Includes the theory of holographic reality and our manifest of Reality Design. You can read more on this issue below.

Our main theme is finding and realizing ‚infinity' in presence, i.e. portraying true vastness of the world and transcending borders of imaginary finiteness' consciousness in the form of permanent, continual, neverending, effectively arranged flow of information.

Textures are make important part of our expression. Using them, we understand the connection of structures, surfaces, spaces, information and insights into bigger wholes.


Generators, New worlds, Orgasms, Platforms, Tools, Hyperconstructions, Emanations, Interspaces, Forms

The holographic principle

It is a speculative assumption of quantum gravity theories proposed by Gerard't Hooft (laureate of Nobel prize in physics for making clear the quantum structure of electrically weak interactions).

The holographic principle says that all of the information included in an area can be represented by a theory that applies in borders of the area.

In other words, when there's a room, we can shape all of the occurence inside the room just by creating a theory that takes in account only what's going on in the walls of such room.

This implies that volume itself is illusive in a way of matters: matter fills surface, not volume, and so the universe itself is in fact a hologram isomorphic for an information imprinted in its boundaries.

This theory is one of the first to connect western scientifical view on reality and eastern philosophy of absolute unity of everythingness pervading all dimensions.

Everything is connected.

The electrons in carbon atoms of human brain are connected with subatomic particles of every swimming salmon, every beating heart and every star shining in the sky.

Everything penetrates everything although people can cathegorize, pigeon-hole and furtherly divide different phenomenons in the universe. All the classifications are artificial and all nature is just one coherent web.

Capturing the moment. Processes of information passing by in thousands.

It isn't about singularities, concreteness. It is about masses trying to change their position in every single second.

The world as an untenable chaos of strictly given scales.

How do you want to see behind the corner when you just won't look?

Infinite jungles full of unknown fauna & flora

Layer by layer, we're uncovering next territories of our presence

Digital Art
Man Pin , Green Moutain
Man Pin , Green Moutain

Holographic fields of infinity

A call to absolute darkness

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