Fine art enables us to immediately express our feelings, symbolize principles and capture objects in forms which remain hidden to our habitual perception. We are able to create a real window to another world, a perpetual emitter of fresh information or a mirror that is offered to any observer.

It is possible to integrate more or all of these individual functions to create a single whole (painting) of certain qualities.

All of this is possible assuming that the painter considers the brush and the colors a part of his own body. These tools then become an organ of the artist, whose soul is the blood that nourishes the organ and, to a certain extent, guides it.


Painting therefore allows the artist not only to speak, but to engage with the real world and participate in it. The degree of "involvement" depends on many factors.

Firstly it depends on the potency of the energy emitter embedded in the painting, secondly on the sensitivity and sensibility of the receiver – the observer.

The reach of the piece of art grows exponentially – this is because after being exposed to the original emitter, the receiver/observer becomes an emitter as well.

However, the main predisposition for such an effect is the way the whole process reaches the observers' consciousness, subconsciousness and their reality, and to what degree this occurs.


1) Divine touch

2) Rational construct

3) Fulfillment of sense

1) In order to reach the divine touch, the artist must achieve absolute depersonalization. Doing so, he becomes a pure medium capturing everythingness in its infinitely diverse forms.

2) Rational construct refines all of the artist's sensations/perceptions in a precise whole. Most of the work then takes place in the painter's mind and the very act of painting is just the final step.

3) Fulfillment of emotion is a combination of rational construct and divine touch. The artist has an approximate notion of where he wants to guide/lead his work and at the same time allows both internal and external impulses to come through.

Vojtěch Mička

Fine Art

Texturized paintings. You lay a line after line, where every brushstroke means a rabid inscription of information. Infinities on a definite medium.


Thousands of chambers of reality reflecting in the treasure of ‚The Crystal Cave'.


Discovering new worlds and future islands.


It is going beyond the destination, to penetrate the membranes of the wall and discover everything to be found behind it. 

Generator Změny Stavu
Generator Změny Stavu

You're getting smaller and smaller until you find out that the whole world is bigger than you.


'The Storm of History' carried me straight to the middle, to the golden point, to the golden center that is never really in the middle but exactly where it needs to be.

'Hyperspace Nod' introduced itself to me in the full Year of Beauty. It pulsated and displayed several realities at once, several absolutely divergent things combined in one whole, after I looked a few light years and a few dark years deeper. All of this without a single trace of anything abnormal.

Thousands of possibilities, trillions of orders, the generator of infinity, emancipators of presence. All of this is possible, you just need to come closer and see.

 'The Crystal Caves' are waiting for you. The stories of ages tangled in incredible DNA of our dearest planet, the story of life and death and their neverending games with matter and time.

Every name is alive in the end. Every word is a person.

'The Golden King of The Midst' listens to billions of voices, bodies, lives, ideas, civilizations and universes.

And he softly encourages us to choose the right way.

This is exactly what he entered.

'The Storm'



At second 'Glance'...

Make a wish and wait for it. That is the greatest truth for this world.

Always be searching for the heart of gold and wait for the zephyr of 'Ocean Haze'.