Hello, world!


Lesmïr was founded in 2013 in a river in the middle of the summer, with the help of an unknown river god.

It was created to build an infinite intellectual space for the study of life on this planet and in the outer space.



To overcome dogmas, intellectual borders, lodgements of dreams, fear, pain and all the other things that have never been related to life, yet they are still here with us everyday.



Lesmïr is an intermedial platform associating artists who DESIGN REALITY – a concept that presents a comprehensive reality insight, manipulation and multiplication.



Lesmïr designs reality through paintings, digital art, clothes design, videoart, music and light installations.

Lesmïr is and extradimensional space for all the seekers and finders of infinity.



It is a hyperspace for spiritual, extraspiritual, divine, hyperpersonal experiments. It is an intellectual concept based on reality that can simply be bent, multiplied or designed internally.


Fill the glass.




Stop repeating yourself. Unbind from the history.


Yet stand with your feet on solid ground.

Everyday is a new day.


Vanity is dead, girls and boys. May it rest in peace!


Everything we live and experience is a GAME.




2017 Small Apokalypsa (Ostrava) New CREW!!!

2016 Walls of Solitude (Festival,Rosenice u Brna)

2015 Magic Forecast (Kinski Bar,Vienna)

2015 Lesmïr for students (UPoint, Olomouc)

2015 PsyHigh (Festival,Plzeň)

2015 Digital Art (VTP - Palacky University; Olomouc)

2015 Kids of 90's (Art Studio - Galerie Šantovka; Olomouc)

2014 Lesmïr (W7 – „Divadlo Na Cucky" Theater; Olomouc)

2014 Design Reality - The Principles („Pro Radost" Gallery; Olomouc)

2013 Lesmïr : The Late Harvest (U Magora punk pub; Olomouc)

2013 Lesmïr : The First Crop (Septembeam Festival – Gallery „1499", „Pro Radost" Gallery; Olomouc)

2013 Mezi Cihly - Between the Bricks (a one-afternoon exhibition; location mysterious; Olomouc)



Yes YOU/ME/WE build a road but it leads nowhere. It leads somewhere further. It continues and we know where to because it was us who have built it, it is our road. ‚What if we forget?' you ask. Well then God help us. But he won't. Because ‚a god' is just a word. A word of an empty hope, for we are too proud and we can help ourselves, aren't we? So come on, don't let us freeze in here. (GL↓ł)


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The last time I saw this:

A rabid cleft of a couple of billions light years.

All the suns have interrupted their chemical reactions and processes and yielded to the Inner light.

Time has stopped to exist.

Infinity has demonstrated its true face.

I have become omnipresent, yet I had left what is called ‚a body,' if you can call it so.

I was the one to turn the whole space inside out.

My body was overlaid with skin made of nebula. I didn't want a skin like that, those scars... I have remembered! A chair, baptism, crystal castles. Those neverending streams of stories, not following up each other, those words that came back 3 years later.

I didn't want to climb up to the top of the pyramid all over again.

Journey is not the goal. The goal is ultimate.

‚That will be washed up!' laughed a voice that was undulating this multilayer space. So far I was able to recognize only stripes and gentle transitions between different forms of being, for a whole century in the jungle of nonentity.

I waited for the state of inaccurate perception to vanish.

The calling of my aura glutted the space.

I was able to see everything.

Creation can start now.

The limit of information stopped existing.

From all of a sudden, I was walking through The Garden of Dreams – entities created out of perfect lives, cleaner than the god is. Cascade processes were passing through their whole bodies, The Garden was full of those processes. Infinite stories of all the entities in Layer 53 (paradox; golden midst).

Brand new dreams were emanating from their bodies, totally different and distinct to the extent like in the color spectrum ultraviolet is remote from shurinch color.

A long-lasting smile showed up on my face as the whole world turned inside out and changed itself into a tiny little box carrying a sign ‚Press in the case of anything.'

I threw it away.

I went on blinded by the darkness until I found a narrow path leading through a very peculiar forest.

I stood flooded in peace as I finally understood everything.

I died.

I was shot during the expedition into the 5th dimension. They even sucked my soul out.

There was nothing left, yet I am still here.

Death never solves anything.

And she made the last notice of herself.

She clapped her hands for me and sang the last song as a storm of bones purified me from the stink of Universe and prepared me for entering Lesmïr.

Black will never be the same again. Infinity greeted me with open armful.

There are many ribbons to bind your life. There are many golden threads to make your life easier.

I did not choose either of them.

A voice sounded from behind a huge obelisk.

‚This is The Obelisk of Time. You revealed yourself as a real expert on the matter of suspended soul.'

I was finally able to see him as he was alighted, coming out of shadows.

A blue boy laughing at all the ages.

‚I didn't expect you to go so far!'

‚Noone ever expects me anywhere. What are YOU doing here?'

I could finally disconnect myself from the world. All of my worlds work on their own.

The Obelisk of Time showed us the direction as it started to shine.

We hovered smoothly and set afloat by that direction.

A landscape of infinite directions and frequencies was rolling under us.

Once I had a dream about meeting a wizard who described how all the plants on the planet are connected and how you could travel through them to different corners of the world.

If I could only remember his name!

As we were flying, the blue boy recounted one of his lives in one of his worlds.

I didn't listen to him. I was just intently watching the landscape rolling under us.

Multilayer textured lines of ages flowing one by one in huge tunnels of 9 dimensions.

‚The shell is even behind the borders of infinity' said the blue boy.

He looks so young but when you look deeper you see a careworn god with millions of heads and lived lives.

The flows freely soaked in and we found ourselves in an orange space.

‚Redemption by long tones' my hair whispered.

I changed my color. Black became peculiarly teal.

‚We are inside The Original Sun' said the blue boy as he started to rabidly run on all of its 4 walls.

His heads were freely flying out and back in, from all of the directions.

‚I don't have time for this' I snapped my fingers.

The blue boy laughed and inhaled all that was orange.

Then he started to shrink until he disappeared completely.

It is in everything. Well, at least it was.

There is no time for compromise here.