Are you tired of everything 'normal'?

Do you feel empty everytime you wear a new piece of ordinary clothes?

We bring you world´s first t-shirts with SPECIAL ABILITIES.

The t-shirt design we bring to you modulate and adjust reality in your surroundings.

No magic.

No scifi.

Remember, there are no walls.

Have you ever played RPG games?

Every single t-shirt design comes with its own unique story, special function and auras to enrich the owner's everyday life.

It is just and only up to you whether you open the way for its effect or not. 

Everything is a game.

The concept of these t-shirts presents Lesmïr in full beauty and range.

A true depiction of how playfull the life can be if you only allow it.

Come and play with us.

Wear art!

Want to have a unique t-shirt that noone else in the world is going to have except you?

We can do that for you! Just ask us to :) 

We are here for you!

Ultimate T-Shirt Collection

Our first t-shirt collection saw the light of the world in 2014.

A new, fresh one, is coming soon!


'Beam Help'

'Your Momma!'

'Interdimensional Brush'

'Deep Think in Space'

'Eruption of Love'

'Stabilizer of Mental Peace'

Meet the team!

Every t-shirt from our production has its own unique special abilities that emanate from the t-shirt.

The special abilities are written on its identification card you get with every model.

Freely pervading through space and thoughts, this special ability gets involved according to the situation and its user.

It freely restructures reality using its functions. It is infinitely varying.

Story - Describes the genesis of the t-shirts special abilitity.

Special functions - Contains a function that freely charges the whole t-shirt, fills space and according to the users will connects him to Lesmïr. Frequency setup: from 1 minute to 1 year

Aura - Supply functions fulfilling the aims of the design.

Origin - The design's origin reference, what caused its creation.

Experimental / Fashion Video


Contains first 10 designs and motives of The Ultimate Collection

We will take you all over the Universe and even further, over the edge.

We will fly through the multiuniverse full of mirror planets and land

in the very center of everythingness which will let us approach the direct entrance.

We will see the adventure of a young god about finding a higher order, we will be by

his side when landing on the meadows of Lesmïr and making his way through the

interspace, where he will meet all the designs from The Ultimate Collection face to face.

Christmas Collection 2014 - In the end of the Year of Experiment we created a special collection for our closest friends, right according to their requirements.

There's a special offer for all of you - if you want to have a unique t-shirt, right at yours demand, we're here for you!

No one will ever have the same t-shirt as you!